bim consulting services

BIM in construction management

Construction stakeholders need to complete projects despite tight budgets, manpower constraints, fast-track schedules, and conflicting information. The main design directions of construction, such as architectural and construction engineering, electrical and plumbing design, should be well coordinated, since during construction and further operation there can be no contradictions in one place and time. Building Information Modeling assists in identifying such inconsistencies early on by identifying the exact location of the inconsistencies.

The quantity and general properties of building materials can be easily removed at the initial stage. The scope of work is also determined already at the design stage. Visually, all infrastructure systems, additions and sequences can be shown in relative scale with all designed objects or a group of objects.

BIM also prevents errors - the computer model visually highlights specific locations where parts of a building can intersect, overlap, and improperly combine.

The BIM concept provides for the virtual construction of a facility prior to its actual construction. Subcontractors at each design stage can enter critical information into the model prior to construction, with the ability to prefabricate or assemble some systems off-site. Thus, costs can be minimized, construction materials can be delivered on time, and not stored on site.

Karno Energy offer our customers choice of required BIM detail level / depth

In the BIM system, you can perform a different depth of detail - Level of Detail BIM (LOD). There are about six main LOD variations ranging from 100 to 500.

3D scanning of an existing object

Karno Energy created information models for existing objects. The approach includes the use of 3D laser scanning and photometry techniques (both separately and in combination) to obtain accurate measurements of the object created with Karno Energy's 3d bim modeling services that you can found at our official web. The use of a laser scanner also allows you to monitor the installation of structures on site in terms of their compliance with design solutions.

How BIM is good for the investor in the operation of the facility

BIM can prevent information loss. The design team, construction team and building owner / operator, while working on the project at the same time, can add and refer to all the information they receive during the BIM model addition and amendment period. This can be of significant benefit to the owner / operator of the facility. For example, the owner can see in advance information on equipment wear during operation. Instead of physically examining the equipment, he can turn to the model and see if a valve is out of order, or if one of the electric motors will need to be inspected soon. He can also see the size of the valve, the manufacturer of that element, the part number, and any other information. Dynamic building information such as sensor measurements and control signals from building systems can also be incorporated into separate software based on information taken from the BIM.